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    Structural...Chemical...Emotional Therapies

    Dr. Gus Advanced Health & Wellness Centers provides several services that can assist you with getting back to perfect health

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  • Applied Kinesiology
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    Applied Kinesiology

    Applied Kinesiology is the umbrella to all holistic treatments in each of our categories of service 

“A doctor trained in APPLIED KINESIOLOGY corrects muscle weakness and imbalance by working with the nervous, lymphatic and vascular systems, as well as acupuncture meridians and nutrition. This is an integrated approach designed to address the true causes of health problems.”

Our Services

  • BioWellness / Lab Services

    BioWellness / Lab Services

    Through 17 years of research, Dr. Gus has developed an exclusive BioWellness lab that goes beyond conventional blood/hair and urine analysis.

    Sports Injury / Improvement

    Sports Injury / Improvement

    Dr. Gus and his staff of doctors are leading authorities in treating sports injuries, providing pain relief, and correcting injuries to prevent future degeneration, so athletes can safely and comfortably get back in the game as soon as possible.

    Anti-Aging Treatments

    Anti-Aging Treatments

    Anti-aging is the pinnacle of health care. Regardless of the discipline, any doctor who truly understands how to achieve anti-aging knows it can only be done through natural means and with a lot of dedication.

  • Chiropractic / Structural Chronic Pain

    Chiropractic / Structural Chronic Pain

    Many clients come to us with chronic back, neck, and joint pain. We aim to find the source of your pain, then ultimately relieve, reduce and eliminate the pain.